Inkjet Printers for Mailing

Leading supplier of high resolution inkjet and marking systems.

As an independent supplier we can offer a variety of inkjet solutions to suit most applications from desktop addressing systems to in-line addressing and coding equipment for the direct mail, packaging and food processing industries.

ALE High Resolution Inkjet Addressing System

For digital print and mail room addressing applications we offer the ALE high resolution inkjet system with PADDI database management software.

A wide range of print heads are available all driven by the ALE Master Series controllers. Using Codex image design and PADDI database software high resolution addressing and coding is refreshingly simple.

Switch ON and print in two minutes! With an intuitive and easy to operate set up wizard incorporated in the Master Series controller you will be ready to print in a few simple steps. Print fixed text, variable data, real time data, logos and any type of barcode, 1D, 2D and Quick Response (QR) codes.

The TZ print head range come in 4 print width sizes from 18mm to 72mm and depending on the controller used from the Master Pad series up to 8 heads can be utilised from one controller. Options of oil based and solvent based inks are available.

All ALE Inkjet systems come with Codex Image Design and PADDI database management software. Design your print job using the Codex image design suite and introduce logos, graphics, fixed text, variable data and barcodes. PADDI database management software ensures you can print variable data in real time.

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