Brokerage Solutions

We offer a totally transparent machinery brokerage solution.

With an ever expanding global client base and several strategic partnerships worldwide we maintain a prime position in the used equipment marketplace.
We specialise in servicing both buyers and sellers in the global resale of Printing, Mailing, Post Press and Packaging machinery and equipment.
As established brokers and consultant engineers we work closely with a number of carefully selected business partners both in the UK and worldwide to ensure that we are capable of providing comprehensive tailor made solutions for our clients.
Whether you are looking to sell or buy it is our intention to provide you with a brokerage service that ensures we provide the best possible outcome for you the client with a focus on delivering both financial and operational benefits.

If you are looking to sell we have two options for you to choose from.

Full Brokerage


Agreed Sale Price


Our full brokerage option is better suited to those wanting to maximise revenue potential on their resale machinery.

This service is provided on a no sale no fee commission only basis, the key elements of which are as follows;

  1. If possible we will attend your site and provide you with a full market appraisal of the equipment you are thinking of selling.
  2. We will confirm with you the full machine details and that there are no financial encumberments.
  3. We will take a number of digital photographs for marketing purposes.
  4. We then act as agents on your behalf using our extensive network to achieve the best possible selling price for your machine.
  5. When we receive interest in the machine we act as mediator, handling all negotiations on your behalf whilst keeping you fully appraised of events as they unfold.
  6. Once a sale is agreed we look after all the necessary administration to ensure the sale and purchase is completed satisfactorily.
Our promise to you is that our brokerage services and associated rates are completely transparent. Here are our rates:

Sale price                                        Our fees
Up to £10,000                            10% with minimum £350.00 Fixed Fee
£10,001 - £100,000                    7% of final sale price
£100,000 +                               5% of final sale price


Our agreed sale price solution is better suited to those wanting to sell their machine as quickly as possible.

In theory the process is exactly the same as the full brokerage service except that together we agree on a realistic selling price for your machine.

We will again act as agents on your behalf but with an emphasis on selling your machine quickly, obtaining as close to the agreed sale price as we can.

Please be aware that in this circumstance it is likely that the machine may be sold directly to a dealer prepared to take the machine in for stock.

Whether you choose the full brokerage service or agreed sale price option please be rest assured that we never conclude the sale of your machine without prior written confirmation from yourselves.

Looking to Buy?

Buying second user machinery can be a daunting task.

There is so much to consider including budget, availability, suitability, operator interface, installation, training, ongoing support, health & safety and much more.

Using our extensive partner network we have direct access to a wide variety of machines at any given time.

Additionally our brokerage services ensure that we have a large quantity of machines available directly from our own stock.

Our procurement service involves a professional, project managed approach ensuring satisfactory results, without compromise.   

Our procurement services are flexible depending on the source of machinery.

If we have a suitable machine available from our stock we will provide you with an offer to purchase.

If we don’t have a suitable machine readily available we will undertake a detailed search on your behalf.

If you decide to pursue the purchase of a machine that we have found on your behalf we will again act as your agent ensuring that all negotiation and necessary administration is completed satisfactorily.

Our procurement service is a fully consultative solution which ensures a comprehensive and compliant due diligence approach is undertaken.

To receive a detailed presentation about our unique Machinery Brokerage Services including illustrative benefits and costs click here or call us now on +44 (0)845 474 0256.