Ehret Line

Ehret Line VC520 Ref: TEC/VC520/01
Ehret High Speed Continuous Stationery Converting Line
1 x UW52 Unwind Unit with web tension and register control
1 x Plow Fold Unit
1 x High Speed Rotary Cutter
1 x MBO Fold Unit
520mm Web Width
300 m/min
Machine offered ex works in 'as is' condition
Technical Specification:

UW52 Unwind:

*Production Speed – 300m/min max

*Reel Diameter – 52”(1321mm)

*Web width min – 150mm

*Web width max – 520mm

*Core diameter min – 70mm

*Paper quality – – 400gr./m2


Plow Fold Station:

*Max production speed – 300m/min

*Max web width – 520mm

*Min web width – 150mm

*Paper quality – 36gr/m2 – up to 160gr/m2

*Folding accuracy - +/-0,3mm

*Max Fold Width – half roll width

*Min fold width – 20mm


Sheeter Unit:

*Fully variable in cutoff-length and length of the chip-out

*Change in cutoff-length via keypad-entry without any knife changes

*Change in the chip-out length without any knife changes

*Additional modules cab be added for extra plow-fold, punching, perforating, personalising and labelling

*Max web velocity – 300m/min
*Max web width – 520mm

*Min web width – 150mm
*Paper basis weight – 36-160g/m2

*Cutoff Length – 4”-25”(105-635mm continuous)

*Cutoff Length with chip-out – 6”-25”(152-635mm continuous)

*Chip out length – 5mm-80mm

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