Zip-21 Card Cutting System

Business cards and other multiple-up products produced with ease.

The new Zip-21 cutter/slitter is faster and more accurate than the original model.

It is the A3 version of the popular Zip-10. Both are unique machines designed to cut business cards & other multiple-up products produced on a variety of printing methods.

The Zip-21 cross cuts the sheet with a guillotine and then, with an easily adjustable blade cassette, will slit and/or score the sheet immediately before it exits to the delivery tray. This clever combination of cutting mechanisms allows a multitude of common products (like 21 or 24-up business cards) to be accurately processed in a single pass. 

The Zip21 registers from a printed registration mark at the top of the job, rather than the lead edge of the paper which simply overcomes the problems of image drift which are so common with today’s printers. The cut points are entered via a keypad which allows a straight cut or a variable size gutter to be removed between the individual cards. A fixed 7mm gutter is removed from between each column of cards and the sheet sides are removed by slitting wheels. The card width can be quickly and easily adjusted to any size by moving the slitting wheels mechanically or additional cassettes can be purchased to set up regular jobs. 

At the flick of a switch the machine can process either regular sheet feed stock or  laminated stock that is still on a roll, using any of the same 49 operator programs already stored in memory. 

Combined with a laser or ink jet printer, the Zip-21 allows low volume business cards and other multiple-up products to be produced with ease. The 2006 model is now even faster and will produce up to 158 finished cards per minute (9,480 per hour).

Technical Data:

·         Machine Size: 103 x 51 x 32 (h) cm

·         Machine Weight: 58 kg

·         Program Memories: 49

·         Electrics: 220 Volts AC

·         Maximum Stock Size: 320mm x Unlimited

·         Speed (21 up cards): 158 cards/min (9,480/hour)

·         Maximum Card Thickness: 350 gsm

·         Minimum Cut Size: 40 x 45mm

·         Maximum Cut Size: 300 x 230mm

·         Maximum Feed Stack: 50mm

·         Minimum Crosscut Pitch: 2mm

Sales Data:

. Pre-owned

. Serviced, 1 months warranty

. Delivered

. Available immediately

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